WE ARE PREGNANT with Baby Noto #2 !!! Our little fam is growing!
I can’t explain how blessed we feel to be able to bring another precious life into the world.

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As of today I am 12ish weeks.
I look back on my pregnancy with Nixon and realize how much life has changed (in the best way!!) During my first trimester with N, I was planning our wedding and starting my last semester of college. It was such a busy, exciting time.

This pregnancy, as far as symptoms go, has been COMPLETELY opposite. I’ve read that all pregnancies are different, but the fact that I haven’t thrown up at all is so crazy to me. Honestly though, I can’t imagine being as sick as I was + having a toddler at home everyday... it would be so rough. While I haven’t had morning/all day sickness like last time; my headaches have been pretty bad, my skin is HORRIBLE (but, don’t get me wrong - I’d take hormonal acne over throwing up multiple times a day in a heartbeat), and I’ve had bouts of nausea that eventually subside. There’s been a couple times where I wished I could have just thrown up, but I can’t force it. Very early into the pregnancy I bought sea bands and I realllly think they’ve helped with any nausea I’ve experienced. They help make it bearable. I wore them non-stop for a few weeks and had to remember to take them off whenever I took pictures or saw people who didn’t know the “news” yet.

My emotions this time around have been pretty wacky. The other day I was in a work out class at our gym and out of literally nowhere I got this urge to start crying??? I couldn’t shake it so I left the class. I didn’t even end up crying, I just felt like I could start. Lol pregnancy hormones are insane but I was back to normal after a few minutes. That has happened one or 2 more times, but not lately! All in all I feel SO lucky to not have really bad symptoms. I’m able to do everything with Nixon we normally do, so our routine has stayed the same which has been nice.

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I’m really excited to have a “winter” baby. Anthony and I both have bdays in Feb, so there’s a very good chance the baby could be born on of our birthdays :) :) !! It’ll be nice not to be pregnant in the hottest part of summer like I was with Nixon lol. Speaking of Nixon - he is going to be the BEST big brother ever *cue all the tears* Honestly, I don’t think I have my mind fully wrapped around the fact that I’m going to have 2 kids. OR that Nixon won’t be my only baby anymore… it’s a lot to take in but we have several more months to prepare emotionally.

I’m so excited to share this precious season of life with you guys! I will hopefully start being more active on this blog + instagram. My motivations been pretty low these last couple months, but I’m starting to feel more inspired!
Thank you all for the love and kindness. Can’t wait to share more! XOXO

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Ashton Noto