Mother's Day Gift Guide

I can’t believe next month will be my 2nd Mother’s Day… as a momma!
Last year around Mother’s Day I went to a little church brunch with a friend. It was one of the first times I left Nixon in a “day-care” setting; and while it was barely a full hour and a half, I could hardly even enjoy the brunch because I was worrying about whether or not he was having fun! He’d just recently started crawling and I wondered how he was going to interact with the other babies in the room.
When I walked to the day-care room from the brunch to pick him up, I was greeted with flowers sticking out of a little brown bag with a picture of him on it. Tbh, it wasn’t even that great of a picture (sorry bubba) but my heart straight up MELTED. It made “Mother’s Day” that much more real for me.
I never want to stop getting tulips in a bag with his sweet face on it.

Moms are superwomen. We all deserve this special day!!
I put together a fun gift guide if you need ideas on something to get a special mom in your life!

Thank you in advance for shopping thru my links (shown at bottom)
Also, FYI, #4 is the O-venture key ring that I absolutely lOve!! My code is still viable- NOTO15 for 15% off


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