A Typical Day in the Life


When Nixon was a baby-baby I would wonder what the heck we were going to do all day when he became older and more active. It’s honestly so much fun now that he can play at the beach and park. Personally, I love going places and doing things! Sitting at home all day makes me feel ick, so I NEED to get out. I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with Nixon. He’s my little best friend and I can’t imagine not spending all day/every day with him!! I always like to know what other SAHM/SAHWM do with their kiddos during the week, so I thought I’d give y’all a preview of our usual day.

8 am WAKE UP
I check my emails/messages in bed, then I go into his room around 8. Usually he’s already standing in his crib waiting for me. Sometimes I wake him up, but that’s rare! I always leave my phone in my room or in the living room when I go into his room. This isn’t something I’ve done since day one, but it’s become important to me that he sees me NOT have my phone first thing in the morning. 

I get him changed and then we usually spend a little time playing before breakfast. He usually picks out a couple books and we’ll read those on the floor before we go into the kitchen. 

8:30 am BREAKFAST 
He eats 2 eggs almost every morning. I am NOT a good cook. Like at all.
But other things I make for him include:  
waffles, strawberries, yogurt
banana and peanut butter
chocolate granola bar (organic) with peanut butter 

btw, when I make breakfast (or do anything really) I always explain what I’m doing and repeat the names of stuff so he can start to learn :) He loves watching me make eggs and protein shakes lol.

9-10 am
I get us ready for the day / gym. I usually let him watch his shows while I’m getting ready, (don’t @ me) vacuuming, laundry, etc.

If you’re wondering - his faves are the Wiggles, curious george, Ryan’s Toy review, and the cocomelon channel on youtube!

10:30 GYM TIME
we go to the YMCA nearest to us and it is SO nice. We’ve been going for a year now and I couldn’t be happier with the daycare. The ladies who work it love nixon and he always has a good time!

if you are looking into a gym with childcare, i’d highly recommend checking your local Y out. Childcare for kids under 2 is free. I know not all of them are nice, but the ones I’ve seen in Jax are! 

The time limit for the kids zone is 2 hours, so sometimes I’ll finish my workout and then get stuff done on my phone if I see that he’s still having fun playing. 

12:30 LUNCH
we’ll usually go home for lunch, but we’re right next to a town center with tons of shops/food places so if for some reason I need to go there for something we can eat lunch. 

At home he loves Annie’s easy mac, chicken nuggets (kid fresh meals), tuna, honestly anything I’m eating lol. 

1-3 pm
during this time we are running errands (roaming around target), going on a walk, playing at the park… and eventually he will take a nap. In an ideal day, he naps right after lunch for 2 hours. 

I feel like we spend quite a bit of time outside if it’s nice. Our favorite parks in Jax are sunshine park in jax beach and Bull Park in AB. We also love going to the beach!! Depending on the mood he’s in, we can spend 1-2 hours there. I’m always trying to think of new fun things for him to do. We’ll start a music class next week and I really want to do mommy + me swimming one day a week also.

4pm til whenever Daddy gets home 
we’ll read, play, work on our words. If he’s busy and content playing, I will try to get some stuff done on my computer 
I’ll finish laundry or dishes, etc

He eats a lot of macaroni and chicken nuggets tbh lol. But he always has a little bit (or a lot) of what anthony and I are having. He is so funny and actually really likes salad.

Bath time is still a favorite here in our household!! some our favorite bath products are: 
tubby todd
wiley body

8 - 8:30 BEDTIME
so I stopped breastfeeding completely just a few days ago! Nixon was still nursing to go to sleep until last week we realized that it wasn’t making him tired anymore, he would just hop up and be so awake/want to play. I don’t want to jinx myself, but last night went REALLY well with just me rocking/singing to him. 

After he goes to bed I really dedicate myself to my social media content and blog. I send out lots of emails to brands and engage with other influencers in my niche. 

I can honestly say I’m never ‘bored’. Being a mom is for sure the most rewarding job in the world and there’s literally nothing I’d rather be doing than hanging out with my little dude all day. Everyone pray that my mama heart can take it when he starts school in august!!!

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