Parenthood: What We've Learned

First - I want to thank Michelle Mancuso for taking these family photos. Jacksonville (and surrounding) friends - I highly recommend Michelle Mancuso (! Both my dress and Nixon’s cute outfit were borrowed from her and are available to all clients. The location she shoots at is BEAUTIFUL. I love the natural, golden look of her pictures and she was great to work with! Thank you, Michelle!

This season of life has harvested some of the sweetest moments we could ever imagine. Being parents to the most precious baby boy is such a blessing and I’m so glad I get to go through this journey with my best friend.


When Nixon’s birthday rolled around last month, it really hit me that Anthony and I SURVIVED our first year as Mom + Dad. We left the hospital in late August of last year feeling completely elated, but also terrified. 365 plus some days later…. our once tiny, fragile human is now a walking/talking (well, babbling) toddler!! We’re a lot more experienced and a little less terrified ;) Oh and 10000% in love. It’s been a crazy ride and we’ve learned more about ourselves and each other than we ever thought possible. Parenthood has absolutely changed us for the better.


We’ve discovered that his mind is a little sponge! He watches us and looks up to us and there’s truly nothing more fulfilling than knowing you mean that much to someone. We’ve also learned that time is precious and each day needs to be spent loving each other.

Anthony and I might not always agree on everything when it comes to parenting, but we both have our hearts + minds set on raising a good human and making sure he knows that he is our world! Being parents has taught us that there will always ALWAYS be more lessons to be learned and more love to be shared. His happiness is our happiness.


The other day we were talking about what our ‘favorite part of being a parent’ was. The laughs, the smiles, the cuddles, the lessons, the experiences.. ALL of it. It’s unconditional love. I don’t know what we did to deserve it, I just continue to thank God every single day.


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