Body After Baby

I gained 30 pounds with Nixon. I remember looking at the scale at the doctors office and being shocked that I actually weighed that much. I know it’s normal, but it’s still crazy to see those numbers. It can be discouraging to hear people say “your body will never be the same” or “a lot of women never bounce back” - but there is truth to both of these statements. No, my body ‘will never be the same’ and I’m ok with that. I was able to create + grow a life and bring him into the world. MY BODY did that and I respect it more post-baby than I ever did before.

When we left the hospital I was in pain and felt (literally) deflated. My stomach was so squishy and the skin was loose. I kept poking it because it felt so weird to not have a baby in there anymore! My arms and legs were still bigger and my boobs were HUGE. Like bigger than Nixon’s head... it was actually pretty funny. I didn’t care what I looked like AT ALL. My main focus was this new, precious baby that was on the boob 24/7. I had the mentality that I WAS going to get my body back whenever I could start working out again. 

Well, he was born in August and by late November I still hadn’t done more than walk around the neighborhood a few times. I was starting to get frustrated with my body and I started to worry that I’d never look “good” again. K well, I wasn’t working out and I was eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it. I was also only 3.5 months postpartum. But I decided I wanted to start making some changes. I wanted to fit (not just fit, look good in) in my old clothes again and it was a goal of mine to be able to wear a bikini by March and feel comfortable. After Christmas I realllly started watching what I was eating. I couldn’t go on a crazy diet because I was still breastfeeding, but I tried to limit bread, alcohol, and I cut out fast food and soda completely. I bought ONLY healthy items from the store - I came to terms with the fact that I have no self control and if it's in the house, I'll eat it lol. Nixon and I had also started going on longer walks everyday and I started an in-home HIIT work out.

By my birthday (Feb 2) I was definitely noticing changes. My jeans from college fit like normal again and the clothes I'd bought 1-2 months PP were too big! By March I totally felt comfortable in a swimsuit and even saw baby abs peaking through. I had officially lost all my baby weight at 7 months PP. It was honestly such a good feeling. I was really feeling like myself again physically and mentally - which in turn made me a better mom. 

It's almost July now and I still watch what I eat. I'm still breastfeeding (planning on making it a year, so I'm ALMOST there!) so I still can't do any cleanses or intense diets. I joined a gym + try to go 5 times a week and I'm starting to become (healthily) obsessed with working out again. I love it!!! Seeing results is seriously so rewarding. 

My main advice to new moms is to be patient. Like I said, I didn't lose all my baby weight until I was 7 months postpartum. It takes less time for some and more time for others, but it IS possible to get where you want to be. It's important to remember that your body is unique and it isn't healthy to compare yourself to girls that haven't gone through pregnancy and childbirth. If anything, I found motivation from mamas on instagram who worked their butts off to get their post baby bodies. Find people who are real and relatable for inspo. Also, don't EVER let anyone make you feel bad for wanting to have a "hot body" again. A happy/healthy mom leads to a happy/healthy child. FACT. 

If you have any questions about "body after baby" I'd love to chat! I am in no way an expert on working out, I just know what works for me and that it's not only good for my physical health, but my mental as well. Thanks for reading :)

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