Baby Boy Swim Wear

Nixon is IN LOVE with water. Bath time, pools, oceans - he gets so excited every time he's close to a body of water!! It's cute, but makes me a little nervous for when he's a rambunctious toddler. I want to get him into swim classes (like yesterday) but at this point the classes I've read about are just "getting baby used to water", and I don't see the point in spending $$$ when my child is already content in it + around it. Eventually I would love to do mommy and me classes. 

I'm pretty sure he already has more swimsuits than me!! I feel like I buy one every place we go... they're just so cute and tiny like how can I not?! #noselfcontrol
Below I'll be linking some of my favorites as well as other water accessories I feel like we "can't live with out". The weather in Florida has been so nice (well, literally as I'm typing this it is gloomy and rainy outside...) and it makes me so excited to spend time outside this summer as a family! 


I think diaper covers are SO. STINKIN. CUTE. especially for this age (sitting up/crawling around)
I ordered these from amazon (3 pieces) and get so many compliments every time he has them on. However, they aren't very "swim suit-y" so if you are planning on actually putting your baby in the water you might want to go a different route. Obviously when we go to the beach we just put his toes/legs in so these are perfect.

More options of diaper covers:
THESE are plain and come in tons of different colors. C U T E. 
Mini Boden has cute sets... here and here
Of course Target has cute ones!!! SAILBOATS, WHALES, WHITE (all iplay.)
Here is a super cute hat + diaper set. 
Loving this cute jungle print HERE.

Baby boy swim trunks:
Umm can you say 'skater baby' in these Hurley trunks?? 
Cutie Cat&Jack pineapple, banana, color block , lobster - these also all come with matching rash guard tops to keep your baby safe from the rays!! 
Dyyyying over these RL trunks. Come in 2 different colors!

Full body rashguards:
Tons of different colors of long sleeve onesie HERE. So cute and great for avoiding the mess of sunscreen everywhere.
Gap Shorty
Old Navy Shorty
Carter's Shorty

There are very few things cuter than a baby in a bucket hat.
This one, this one, this one (all bucket hats).
Regular "ball caps" - shark hat , patagonia , chino baseball cap , cute snap back
And last but definitely not least: sun caps!! WHITE option 1, WHITE option 2, SHARK PRINT, STRIPED, FUN PRINTS (these all cover the neck too.)

Thanks for reading! xo


Ashton Noto