Baby's First Easter Basket

I truly think one of my favorite things about being a mom is having a baby to spoil/dress up during the holidays. I loved putting together Nixon's first Easter basket!! It's from PBK and we had the lining emroidered with his name. I've listed everything else below :)

BUNNY BASKET - We will definitely be using this one for years to come. I love how it's personalized and the neutral colors look good with every outfit.
FIRST EASTER BIB - I couldn't find the exact one, Nixon's is just a plain white bunny but you can't go wrong with this one.
SWIM TRUNKS - We live in Florida so he can never have too many swim suits!
TEETHING WAFERS - He's teething like crazy! About to have 4 teeth!! These are edible and help him learn how to chew/put food in his mouth. 
BUNNY TEETHERS - Perfect for easter!! 3 different kinds.
SAIL BOAT ROMPER Such a cute lil outfit that HiHi picked up for him in Scottsdale last weekend.
SIPPY CUPS He can start practicing holding a bottle :)

Ashton Noto