Babies first trip to DISNEY WORLD

More specifically EPCOT. 


I hadn't been to Disney World in about 10-12 years. The last time was for a cheer competition. Before that, I went to Disney Land in CA several times. Luckily, we live 2.5 hours from Orlando so Anthony thought it would be fun if we went there for my birthday weekend. 

I spent the week before my birthday trying to decide which park to go to. I knew just picking one day/one park would be the easiest. I chose Epcot because I knew it was more for me and Anthony's enjoyment. Plus, I'd only ever been to Magic Kingdom and wanted to do the "World Showcase". We knew that Disney was D I S N E Y and Nixon was going to have lotsss to look at no matter which park we were in! 

It was the best and most magical weekend!!! 
It is truly the most family friendly place on earth. I didn't have to worry about Nixon crying/throwing a fit at restaurants (which he rarely does anyway) because there were literally so many babies & young kids everywhere. No matter how nice the restaurant was, we would see at least 10 strollers parked out front. It is such a comfortable environment to be in and I already want to go back (please @Anthony)

Disney World makes being parents F U N. Obviously Nixon is too young to understand it all, but it made Anthony and I excited just watching all the little kids faces light up. It was like a glimpse of our future. My only regret is not getting a picture of Nixon with a "Princess" when we were in "France" there was a line for Belle- (long, but not terribly long) we should have waited! I think it would have definitely been a keeper. 


  • I really recommend getting to the park around 10-10:30. All of the shops/restaurants/exhibits/etc. don't open their doors til 11 am, but it was so nice not trying to figure out our plan of action with crowded streets of people. This being said, it is February so it might not even matter during the summer months. Summer in WDW is obviously chaotic 24/7 :)
  • Make your dining reservations (breakfast, lunch and dinner) BEFORE you even get to Orlando. Anthony and I are obviously newbs. Even though it's February, restaurants were packed everywhere. Friday night we had a reservation and they were able to sit us almost immediately. Saturday was a different story. 
  • Bring lots of distracting toys. Theres always somewhere that involves waiting in Disney World. AND TEETHERS!
  • Stroller AND baby carrier are necessary. Depending on how old your baby is, an outward facing one is more ideal. Anthony's tula unfortunately doesn't have that option so Nixon was kinda stuck and didn't enjoy it as much as he would have by being able to look out. My lille would have been better.
  • Capture every moment. I'm so glad I brought my actual camera. Pictures are priceless. 
  • Always offer to take other families pictures! They will most likely return the favor. 
  • Accept that not everything is going to go perfectly. But still have an amazing time. For the most part babies are fairly easy. I'm sure toddlers are a whole different ball game and I'll be totally refining this tip list in a year or 2.

So the World Showcase tour is awesome. They seriously do a great job of making every "country" feel like you're actually there - which is obviously the point! I didn't expect this, but the workers were either actually from the country or in full on character with an accent. They had food/drinks/apparel characteristic for that country. I finally found Nixon a Mickey hat with ears in Africa of all places. I fed him in "America" outside (the weather was great - it got a little chilly towards the end of the day) and then again after walking through "Mexico" in an actual space they have designated for babies. They have one in each of the parks and if you're a first time mom heading to Disney I would definitely recommend knowing where it is. This was obviously my first time in one and it was so nice. They had a big waiting room for dads, a men + women's restroom, a large room with several BIG changing tables, a nurses station, and a nursing room. The nursing room was dim with 12 large chairs (if I remember correctly) and tables on each side. There were also outlets in case someone needed to pump. This was a great space just to chill for about 30 minutes- got Nixon fed and ready for a stroller nap. We didn't do any attractions other than a 360 - film in China that was displayed in a huge room with screens all around. Nixon was awake for this and enjoyed all of the movement and sounds. When we got to the end of the showcase we hung out around Spaceship Earth and watched some live entertainment.

When in WDW, its 1000% okay to be cheesy.

When in WDW, its 1000% okay to be cheesy.



When Nixon gets a little older and can fully understand what's going on, it will be 100x more fun! I can't wait to go back and experience the other 3 parks. I think Animal Kingdom will be our next adventure - I reallllly want to see the Avatar exhibit. Nixon would for sure be fascinated too. . 

It was a perfect first family "vacation". If you are planning on taking your first family vacay anytime soon, just remember to relax and enjoy every moment as much as possible. At first Anthony and I felt a little out of our element but once we realized there were hundreds of other babies and possibly first time parents - that helped put us at ease. We're all doing the best we can do :)  


Ashton Noto