Beach Baby Essentials

Living in Florida, I knew our baby was eventually going to be spending lots of time at the beach with us! Now that Nixon is 6 months old (this coming week) and the weather is no longer too chilly, "beach season" has officially begun for our little fam. Like every other outing/adventure, having a tiny human adds A LOT more stuff to carry and takes much longer to get to your destination. Today marked our third beach day outing and we are starting to get the hang of it. 


I won't lie, the thought of all of the SAND and SUN on soft, perfect baby skin kind of made my own skin crawl. When I was super pregnant last summer we bought an umbrella from target so I could be in the shade when the rays got to be too much. It's light weight and so easy to set up + fold down. It's also essential now that we have Nixon, who needs to nurse around every 3 hours. If he gets hungry while we're out, I just move my chair under it and we're good to go + protected from the sun. Along with an umbrella, I purchased a tent (shown below) for him to lounge in and it is perfect! Literally what would any of us do without Amazon?


Find this tent HERE.
It's a great size and folds up into a flat circle, which then goes into its own carrying case. We will definitely be taking it with us when we go to Mexico in a couple months. The area where nixon is sitting is a different material and can hold water! He is going to looove that. I do recommend keeping the "How to Fold" directions, it's a little tricky at first but I think we'll get the hang of it after a few times. 


Hooded towels and cover ups are great because they keep their heads and ears warm, as it can get pretty windy on the beach. 
The one Nixon is wearing is Baby Boden. I linked a Pottery Barn one, they have several different prints and they are on sale right now!

Reusable swim diapers and Diaper covers - Nixon had on the latter today. He has the beach bum 3 pack and they're adorable. 

Sun hats are great... We have the one I linked and it seems to be the most popular one on Amazon. 

Sunscreen; don't leave home without it! Getting Vitamin D is super important but the sun is nothing to mess around with. Since having Nixon, I've definitely tried to make things "cleaner" and "greener" around the house. I know that sunscreen has a bad reputation of being full of chemicals. I lot of the baby sunscreens I've seen will say "WITH OUT OXYBENZONE" on the packaging - which really shows you how bad the stuff is. I linked an eco-friendly one here. 

Muslin swaddle or a light weight blanket is good for nap time under the tent. Nixon has fallen asleep everytime we've been out there so far. After all, the waves are like the perfect background noise ever! 

Toys for entertainment. Preferably ones that don't hold on to a lot of sand. 

**LIFE HACK** Baby Powder can get sand easily off of skin! I wish I'd known this sooner - sand can be such a pain. 

In order to make it easier on us, we take the stroller down to the beach so we can put the stuff in the bottom compartment. Once we get it past the really soft sand at the beginning, it rolls pretty easily. I take my regular diaper bag and then a beach bag to hold our towels, toys, snacks. Anthony usually has a cooler for drinks. It's definitely a lot, but being extra prepared makes the day more fun!