Baby Valentines

This was our first craft! Which is surprising considering how much I love them. Nixon can expect many many more in his future :) 
Valentine's Day is such a sweet holiday. Not only is it Nixon's first, but mine and Anthony's first one as a married couple as well! I have 2 cutie Valentines for life xxoo

I actually was inspired by Lauren Conrad's post last week. Her baby made Valentines cards using eco-friendly finger paint you can get here. I'll definitely be purchasing some of this, but as V-DAY is only a few days away, I decided to just make my own baby-friendly paint. 

It's E A S Y. 2 ingredients. 
Plain Organic Yogurt + Natural Food Coloring + Baby (clothes optional)


I separated the different colored "paints" in little mason chairs, but obviously didn't hand one to Nixon to go to town on. It would have landed on the floor in 2 seconds! He has a suction cup bowl (I would highly recommend getting a few) and I stuck it on his highchair with a spoon full of one of the colors.


He was more interested in the pieces of paper than the actual paint. At this point, he's mainly concerned with getting anything and everything in his mouth. I dipped his hand in the paint and kinda showed him what to do. It was a pretty entertaining for about 10 minutes! Then he was over it. BUT, I got some pretty cute cards as a result. The "paint" dries fast and is easy to write on. Since it's yogurt based I'm not really sure if that makes a difference on how long they'll last? Like will they start to smell bad? Guess I'll find out ha


I cleaned up him and the highchair (best highchair ever from IKEA, here) with 2 wipes. That's it! I added words/phrases to a few of them - but they're actually pretty just plain too.We will definitely be repeating this activity again... easy, fun + good sensory practice for babies!

Ashton Noto