Baby Necessities (0-6mo)

Hey y'all. I've listed all of the things that have made motherhood easier for me below. If it has *** next to it, I realllly don't think I could live with out it aka MUST HAVE. Happy shopping/registering!! xo


dock a tot ***
Nixon has slept in his dock-a-tot since day 1 of being home from the hospital. We can take it anywhere which is sooo nice. I think he'll outgrow the small one at around 8 months & then we'll definitely be getting the next size. Right now he sleeps with it in the bassinet. 

halo bassinest
This is a great basinet... if you have the room. I do recommend this one though because it is super easy to get Nixon in and out of and you can adjust the height. It's also mesh so you can see through. If I could have absolutely any bassinet it would be the snoo buuut its insanely expensive so maybe if I ever win the lottery.

aden + anais swaddles
We use these allll the time. Literally I feel like I'm always washing swaddles and I really don't think it's possible to have too many. I swaddled Nixon until he was 4 months. He'll have nothing to do with it now. I still use the swaddles for nursing cover in public because they are super light weight annnd for a light weight blanket (because Florida) for Nixon. A + A is the softest/best brand IMO.

lollipop baby monitor
You don't have to deal with cords with this one, which is nice. Other pros: good quality, easy installation, its cute, clear microphone and camera.

white noise machine ***
I actually don't know how we ever slept with out one now. We'll be purchasing another one when Nixon moves to his own room. I linked one called the HUSHER that can hook on to the carseat or stroller. Its a god send. 


water wipes
I've tried a few different brands but these are by far my favorite. They clean great and are super gentle (99% water). I ordered a huge box of them from amazon.

ubbi trashpail ***
I don't know how they made a diaper pail look so chic but it works. It also holds a TON of dirty dipes.

gathre changing mat
Perfect for airports, public outings, friends houses, etc. All of stuff is beautiful. 


comotomo bottles
So I might be a hypocrite for listing these because Nixon never actually used them, BUT - I have several mom friends that recommend them. We tried Dr. Brown with Nixon and I am NOT a fan. They leak and there are way too many parts to clean. I'll be going with the comotomos for my next baby. 

bottle drying rack ***
I'm so glad this exists.

burp cloths
I probably went through 10,000,000 burp cloths in the first few months. I personally love the Burt's Bees ones (linked) because they're sooo soft. 

Bath Time

primo bathtub
This one has great reviews and is really practical because it can be used for sitting and laying. It can easily fit in the bath tub too!

A lot of people were hesitant when I ordered this for Nixon. It is so good for babies and makes bath time 10x more fun!!! I'm so glad we purchased this. 


Nosefrida/Nailfrida ***
Actually all of the Fridababy products rock. The Nosefrida is VITAL. Anthony and I used to joke about who was going to have to use it first (it was him). It's really not that bad and when your baby can't breathe because of snot stuck in their nose, you really don't have to think twice. The bulb things that our moms used/the hospital gives you are a waste when it comes to this. The Nailfrida is great for their tiny lil baby nails because its SO gentle and there's an opening to make sure you aren't getting any skin. 

boppy lounger
So great for when your baby doesn't want to lay flat on their back! 

pacifier clips
They make the cuuuutest clips now. I think they can sometimes make an outfit even cuter. They are great, especially when your baby starts throwing their pacis.

mamaroo swing ***
Just get one. It's awesome. You can connect it to your phone to control noise + motion. 

This is Nixon's latest toy/activity. He will spend up to 30 minutes in here playing! Which is great because I can get stuff done. It's also so precious watching him figure out how to work everything. He has the SKIPHOP one!

baby carrier
I love mine (linked). I was picky finding one that was "cute". Nixon likes it too!! I personally didn't like the baby k'tan - I found that it hurt my back no matter how tight I made it. I love the Lille brand designs. 


Ashton Noto