My word for 2019!!

2018 was a special one.
For one, I started blogging! This journey has been so so fun... Stay-tuned for a more in depth blog post about “what I’ve learned” later this month on my Bloggiversary ;)
Second, we got this whole parenting thing down! I’m not saying I’m a perfect mom by any means (who is?!)... But after the sweet/sometimes hectic newborn months, I finally settled down into a routine and became comfortable in who I am as a mother. And Anthony feels the same way about his dad duties (he’s THE BEST). Nixon has taught me more about life + myself in this past year than in my (almost) 25 years of life combined.

I’ve continued to be aware of what I’m putting into my body and stay active in and out of the gym. I’m really proud of my progress and I want to continue to better myself this year. With that being said, I’m not really into “resolutions”. I know they’re important to a lot of people, but this year I wanted to choose a WORD that’s going to sum up what I want out of this year as a whole. I think having a single, meaningful word in mind will be more substantial than a long list of goals that could/would eventually get put on the back burner. Anthony and I started a goals chart during the first week of January last year. It started out well, but after a couple weeks we both forgot about it.

What I love about choosing a word, is that it doesn’t involve failure or success. It’s something to live by and incorporate into everyday life to make me a better me.

My word for the year is




  1. devote (time, effort, or oneself) to a particular task or purpose.

I want to dedicate myself to my faith, family, health and success. Dreams take dedication.

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Notos! There is magic in new beginnings.
I’m so excited to see what 2019 holds for us.
Let me know what your word for 2019 is - I’d love to hear!


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