Our Day

March 19th, 2017 was a perfect day. Perfect weather, perfect (brunch) FOOD, perfect gathering of family and friends. Before the big day, I received some good advice from a wifey friend of mine; they said to make sure and take ALL the MOMENTS of the day in. And the day, as perfect as it was, went by entirely too fast. A few times I remembered to stop and look around at everything. The beautifully decorated the venue, the delicious looking AND tasting food, the smiling guests. There was just so much H A P P Y in the air. I wouldn't have changed a single thing about this day. I married my best friend and it was perfect. 

God was so present on this day. I remember taking every moment in because I didn't want it to end - all of the LOVE and smiles and laughter are what make weddings so special and beautiful. I'm so thankful we have A M A Z I N G documentation of that most important day of my life (thus far). Check out our wedding video here.

Ashton Noto